‘Support has been overwhelming’: Community Rallies for Beloved Courtenay Cafe After Fire

Local businesses support the staff after a small fire closed Atlas Cafe.

Atlas Cafe is open and thankful.
Atlas Cafe is open and thankful. (JP, an Atlas Cafe employee, is shown in the photo on the right) Source: Atlas Café on Facebook.

A beloved Comox Valley cafe had quite a week before the holiday season.

Atlas Cafe in Downtown Courtenay was closed for the night when a fire broke out at their coffee station. Thankfully, no one was in the restaurant at the time and in a bizarre stroke of luck, the fire melted a water main in the ceiling which then extinguished the flames. 

“Support has been overwhelming,” Sandra Viney, co-owner of Atlas Cafe told West Coast Now.

Sandra Viney, a co-owner of Atlas Cafe. Source: Atlas Café on Facebook.

 “We are sitting here counting our blessings. It’s devastating but the fire was localized and I really do believe we have guardian angels. We could have been a completely different story, we would have been in ashes” had the water main not burst and put out the fire.

The community out-pouring since then has been massive. “Something that has come from this experience is awareness that this community is all heart. It’s overwhelmingly beautiful to feel the cloak of support from them,” Viney said.

The Honey Bee Cocktail at Atlas Cafe. It has subtle summer notes of herbs and berries, lavender, citrus, and honey served in a sour style with a silky-smooth mouthfeel. Source: Atlas Café on Facebook.

The whole staff was invited to the Church Street Taphouse after “one of our hardest weeks ever!” for dinner and found their entire tab was covered by the Taphouse and other local eateries. “There were tears that night,” Viney said in response to the generosity.

Nicole, JP, Diane, Ashlie and Colin are all smiles and ready to serve customers. Source: Atlas Café on Facebook.

Atlas Cafe has been open for 28 years, and this year received accolades from the Comox Valley “Best of the Best” – winning Best Lunch Spot, Best Vegetarian Fare, and Best Gluten Free Restaurant.

Great memories. Source: Atlas Café on Facebook.

“Being in service to others has always been our goal. Feeling the support and love returned to us has been really heart-expanding,” Viney shared.

Atlas Goat Cheese Breakfast. Mountain view farm poached eggs, red pepper polenta, roasted fennel, eggplant and roasted peppers with goat cheese and microgreens. Source: Atlas Café on Facebook.

You can support the Atlas Cafe by grabbing a gift card: they are currently open for gift card purchases and hope to be back to regular hours on Tuesday, December 27th.

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