Dive into This Spectacular Hidden Gem Swimming Hole in Courtenay

Add this stunning river spot to your summer adventure bucket list.

Screenshot via featured video.

You can thank Youtube user RussoKanuck for this hot tip on your new favourite swimming spot.

In a recent video called “This Hidden BC Swimming Hole Is An Oasis You Should Find At Least Once In Your Life,” we get a sneak peek into a local hidden gem in Courtenay.

Barber’s Hole is off of Forbidden Plateau Road, about a fifteen minute drive outside of downtown Courtenay. It is on the Puntledge River and part of the Nymph Falls Nature Park, a site established in the 1950s as a fish ladder by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans and BC Hydro. 

A fish ladder is a structure of graduated steps and pools that allow migrating fish to pass through an obstruction or barrier on their route.

Screenshot via featured video.

The video showcases the crystal turquoise waters that look impossibly refreshing to dive into from the shore’s sandstone shelves.

RussoKanuck writes that “the water passes next to a bedrock ledge where you can soak your feet in the clear blue water. The water here is calm and cool in the summer, making it ideal for going for a dip with friends.”

Screenshot via featured video.

Just make sure you get there before the Albertans find out about this place 😉

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