Legendary Skeena Beaver Gnaws Tree, Causes Massive Internet Outage

Maybe the beaver saw a YouTube video he didn’t like.

Screenshot from the YouTube account Mike’s Videos of Beavers.

[This story originally appeared on The North Coast Review, a blog based in Prince Rupert that contains “items of interest to those living on the North Coast of BC.”]

The official ruling on the massive communication outage across the northwest has been attributed to a busy beaver, BC Hydro announced last week.

Hydro notes that one of the large rodents chewed up a tree, which then in a Lemony Snicket kind of way fell, going on to damage a number of telephone poles and fibre cables hear Houston. The outage affected residents from Prince George to Prince Rupert and beyond, wherever internet and phone connectivity is found.

Perhaps the incident was in response  to something the Beaver had found on the Internet?

Blowing up a beaver dam – big explosion

While the communication infrastructure backbone of the northwest was damaged, the Beaver in true Canadian tradition was off to other adventures following his work.

Of note, it’s the second time that a Beaver has wreaked havoc on communication in the north this year. A fellow member of the Beaver’s union did much the same in Tumbler Ridge in April.

The story is quickly becoming the thing of legend and the North Coast Review will continue to update news accounts of the final chomp that brought down the Internet. 

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