These Guys Went Scuba Diving Near Port Hardy And You Won’t Believe What They Saw

‘It did not disappoint.’

Anyone who’s been scuba diving near Port Hardy knows that it’s a truly epic experience. 

And this new YouTube video shot by two diving friends shows why. 

“Myself and a dive buddy went to Port Hardy May 13th to 16th 2022 for an epic scuba diving trip throughout Browning Pass and God’s Pocket,” explains a new video posted on ScubaBC

“This is true cold water diving at its absolute best! The high current means lots of nutrients in the water. Lots of nutrients, means lots of life! It did not disappoint,” he explains. 

The two friends booked their trip through UB Diving, a family-owned company based in the Comox Valley and they “can’t say enough good things about this trip!”

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